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What You Need to Know About Delta 8 THC
The chances are you are wondering, “what is Delta 8 THC? Delta 8 THC is among the over a hundred cannabinoids in cannabis. This cannabinoid is found in the flower in small quantities, where it is required to be extracted and processed to concentrate it. Similar to other cannabinoids, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body to yield its psychotropic effect. Considering the variance in the natural quantities of both Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC in cannabis, the two interact the same way with the nervous system in concentrated forms, making us ask the question, what is the exact difference between Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC?
The Delta part of the term denotes the double bond. That means that both Delta 8 and Delta 9 have double bonds; however, the double bond is located in different locations when it comes to their chemical formula. Delta 9 has a double bond on the ninth carbon atom in the chemical chain; on the other hand, Delta 8’s double bond is located at the eighth. So, what this shows is that there will be more electrons in a double bond compared to single carbon bonds and therefore the interaction with the endocanabinoid system will be different. While that may seem like a small difference, the location of the double bond is extremely vital on the question of small particles.
Delta 8 THC cartridges will yield euphoric feelings; however, Delta 8’s effects are different. Although a lot of people prefer Delta 9 THC most of the time, some people don’t love the idea of being that foggy. Typically with Delta 8 you are less high and more perceptive. While you may feel the effects of Delta 8, you will still have the control of your cognitive functions and you can concentrate. A lot of people fear losing control of their cognitive function because of the potency of Delta 9, but with Delta 8, you can continue with your errands comfortably because it is less potent. When using Delta 8, you get all the benefits you need but retain your focus. You can call it a game-changer since you change benefits and can work and run errands with ease.
The Delta 8 THC is highly efficient and stable, and that makes it an exceptionally valuable cannabis-derived chemical compound. The benefits and effects of this compound serve medicinal and recreational roles alike and shows the potency of individual chemical components within marijuana. As science outlines and progresses the uses for cannabis’s diverse pool of cannabinoids, we stand to benefit a lot one puff at a time. As such, consider using Delta 8 THC today and ensure you get the numerous benefits of the distillate and don’t worry about getting high.

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